About Cafe By Default

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In this modern world where everything is going global, could our food be behind?
Keeping that in mind, we designed platters with flavours from all across the globe especially for you. And our food comes quirky, cute and dressed happily to give a feeling of comfort and familiarity.

However, more than anything else, we believe in freshness first!
Our food is made from local produce and internationally-sourced ingredients for which we go to great lengths to get the perfect and freshest items to enliven your tastebuds and offer them the most authentic flavours.

Yes, sometimes we like to play around! Adding a dash of molecular gastronomy to liven up the dishes and treating your eyes before we treat your palate. Come and enjoy our beautiful Symphonies on the Plate!

And just like our dishes, the ambience at Cafe By Default is unconventional, appealing to your Bohemian soul.

Café by Default defines what we are – Happy, Fun with a Seriousness in our outlook towards our food and our esteemed patrons.

A warm welcome to all our friends and their families for we believe, “Together is Good“!

MasterChef Pankaj Bhadouria
Executive Chef & Owner, Café By Default